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Tips & Tricks for Successful Boat & RV Storage


Enclosed Storage


 ● Determine the storage space needed by measuring the entire vehicle. Be sure to include the hitch, motor, ladders, swim platform, rear spare tire and anything else that may affect the length.

 ● Use a wheel cock or board as a stopping point to avoid damaging your vehicle by hitting the back wall of your unit.

 ● Remove all food from vehicle before placing it in storage.

 ● Hang wet items such as life jackets and water toys out to dry, to avoid mold and mildew in your vehicle

 ● Secure your unit with a quality round disk lock.


Boat Storage Tricks


When you are ready to store your boat for the winter or off-season, you should remember to do a few things before you just store it away. Many storage places want to make sure you follow their guidelines. You want to make sure you do a few critical things.

  • Remove all valuables- no matter where you store it
  • Fill your gas tank leaving just a bit for expansion then add a stabilizer
  • Remove spark plugs and spray fogging oil inside then replace them without hooking the wires up
  • If you use a antifreeze replace it with fresh
  • If left on the water over winter remove your battery
  • Clean it very well
  • Put it up on blocks if you have a trailer
  • Cover it up to protect the interior

After winter, make sure you go over everything before first use of your boat, Plugs, wires, bulbs, fluids. This way you are sure to have a fun time without worrying about repairs.


RV Motorhome Storage Tricks


Remove RV battery(s) : If storing your RV for extended periods of time, be sure to remove the batteries.


Completely dump and wash sewage tanks. Then close all valves and disconnect hose. Clean sewage tanks and store.


Turn off propane tank at valve. Disengage any "Auto-Shutoff" switch.


Empty toilet, clean and coat all valves and seals with silicon grease.


Air tires to manufacturer's recommended pressure and cover if storing outdoors to prevent dry-rot from UV rays.


Plug any and all entrances in the undercarriage of your RV with stainless-steel wool to prevent rodents from entering.


* Check with your owners manual for additional storage tips.  Always check tires before getting back on the road.




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